Berks Gymnastic Team and Team Sweden

Seven members of the Berks Gymnastics Team traveled to Sweden for six days in May, 2010 to promote Artistic Gymnastics in Stockholm, Sweden.

The girls were hosted by local families, spent a half day at a Swedish High School, trained many hours in the gym, and spent hours helping the young gymnasts from Sweden with their training.  The events were capped off with an exhibition for about 600 people including some local dignitaries.

Pictured below are the Berks Team members along with the Swedish team showing off the Berks County Flag that was presented to the Jarfalla Gymnasterna, and the Jarfalla Gymnasterna Team Flag that was presented to the Berks Team.

In July of 2014, Berks was able to return the favor and host eight team members and three coaches from Jarfalla Gymnasterna.  They trained each morning and then spent the remainder of their day enjoying the local sites and activities including an outing at Blue Marsh lake, an afternoon at Hershey Park and a tour of the local Elite Sportswear facility along with some shopping.