Policies and Procedures

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BGA Policies and Procedures for Parents

    1. Annual registration fee is $20.00 per student. If there is more than one child in the family, each additional student is $15.00 per year. This is non-refundable.

2. Payment is due the first class of each session.  A $10.00 late charge is applied to each account not paid by the date due.

    3. YOU WILL NOT BE SENT BILLS.  Mark your calendar with the session dates and stop in the office to make payments before each session. (Reminders may be sent if you supply us with your email address.)

4. Withdrawing prior to June requires a 2 week WRITTEN NOTICE.  If no written notice is given, there will be a $25 withdraw fee.  If you are registered between the months of September and    June, you are enrolled in BGA’s school year program and automatically signed up for all remaining sessions. This procedure assures you of constant placement in class and gives BGA the opportunity to fill your position if you decide to discontinue. This is only fair to both parties as well as students on the waiting list.

    5. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE so your commitment is for at least 10 weeks. Please note that NO MONEY will be returned if the student discontinues during the session. Credit may be given for extenuating health circumstances when approved by the office.

    6. Due to administrative costs, our returned check fee is $20.00.

** 7. BGA allows a student to do a maximum of 3 make-up classes per session. These MAKE-UPS MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. Make-ups must be taken during the session in which the student missed class. MAKE-UPS are NOT CUMULATIVE, nor are credits or refunds given in lieu of make-ups. If the student schedules a make-up class and fails to show up for that class, you may not reschedule again.
    8. BGA’s insurance is strictly secondary coverage. Your primary insurance MUST be used if the need arises. If your primary carrier does not cover something, only then will it be submitted for coverage to our insurance company less the deductible.


Rules and Regulations for Children attending Berks Gymnastic Academy

We at BGA take pride in providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for your child’s fitness and gymnastic development. It is most important that one follows the rules at BGA since it is most imperative for the safety of everyone. Gymnastics is a beautiful sport and as in any sport, gymnastics carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the gymnast and coach are, no matter what height is used or what landing surface exists, the risk cannot be eliminated. Risk includes minor injuries and in very rare cases catastrophic injuries. 

Please review these rules periodically with your child so they are reminded of the importance of safety and following directions.

Social Media

         We may at times, post pictures on our website or Facebook page. If you would not like pictures of your child posted, please inform us in the office. We will not attach names with the pictures without permission.

General Rules

1. No entry to the floor or any equipment by non-participants will be allowed. A participant is a student or an adult enrolled in a class. 

2.  No participant is permitted on the equipment without an instructor at any time. Equipment includes (but not limited to) spring floors, wedges, barrels, mats, trampolines, bars, beams, vault and pit.

3. No Running. RUNNING IS UNACCEPTABLE, except as directed by the coach.

4.  No gum chewing is permitted during class.  Gum chewing can cause choking.

5.  Remove all jewelry prior to class, including earrings, body piercings and watches. We are not responsible for lost or broken articles.

6.  Leotards or tee shirt and shorts are the preferred clothing. Midriff should be covered. Loose clothing is not permitted. In many activities, loose clothing gets in the way of spotting.

7.  Hair must be tied back.  Loose hair could get caught in the equipment and vision could become blocked.

8.  Respectful social behavior is expected of all students. Unacceptable behavior includes cutting in front, pushing, hitting and bad language. Participants who are continually disruptive will be asked to leave.  

9.   If you leave class, you must tell your instructor. This includes using the restroom or early dismissal.                               

10. If you feel unusual pain or discomfort, it is your responsibility to tell your instructor immediately.

11. When class is dismissed, no under-age student is permitted to leave the building without a parent or guardian. Students waiting to be picked up must wait inside the building.

Trampoline & Pit Safety

Trampoline and Pit are in most cases, the gymnasts favorite. These events can be extremely dangerous  without proper supervision and strict adherence to the safety rules.                                                                                                                                                                

1.  No bouncing on your own is permitted.

2.  Bounce only in the marked areas of the trampoline.

3.  Bounce on feet & bottom only. Head first can cause neck and spinal injuries.

4.  When jumping into the pit, feet entry only. Head first can cause serious injury.


        1.  One adult per child is required on the gym floor. No other spectators allowed on the floor.

        2.  Adult must supervise their child at all times. The adult is the child’s instructor. Our responsibility is to coach the adult. You may be dismissed if your child is disruptive.

        3.  Keep attention on your child at all times. Please no phones on the gym floor except for pictures. Accepting calls or texting during class will take your focus off the children.

        4.  When your child wanders, please follow the child and encourage him/her to return to the group.


    Parking is very limited to our small lot and the streets.  You are permitted to park at Mimmo’s and

            Art of Business, when their store is closed. 

    NO PARKING is allowed at the Beer Mart or Victor’s.  They will call the police, fine you and possibly tow.