Mia Francesca Betancourt

  Brandi and Paul Betancourt, Siblings: Christian,  Dog: Otto

Birth Date: June 16, 2000  

School District:  Berks Catholic  

Gymnastic Accomplishments:

Level 5 (2010): PA State Championship- 7th Vault, 7th Bars, 6th Floor, 5th All Around             

    ESGA Season Highest All Around Award

Level 6 (2011): PA State Championship- 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around                            

    Pink Invitational- 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 4th Floor, 1st All Around                            

    ESGA Season Highest All Around Award

Level 7 (2012):  PA State Championships- 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 8th Beam, 8th Floor, 2nd All Around

Level 9 (2013):  PA State Championships- 9th Bars,                              

    Regional Qualifier

Level 9 (2014):  PA State Championships- 1st Vault, 9th Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 3rd All Around                             

    Regional Qualifier

Level 10 (2016): PA State Championships- 2nd Beam              

    Regional Championships- 2nd Vault, 6th Bars, 4th Floor, 6th All Around                             

    National Championships- 7th Vault, 7th Beam

Level10 (2017): PA State Championships- 1st Vault, 3rd. Bars, 8th Floor, 4th All Around                             

    Regional Championships- 8th Vault, 9th Bars, 6th Beam, 9th All Around                             

    National Championships- Alternate   

Level 10 (2018):  PA State Championships - 2nd Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, 1st All Around

    Regional Championships - 4th Vault, 5th Bars, 5th Beam, 4th Floor, 2nd All Around

    National Qualifier

Favorite Gymnastics Memory: Qualifying for Junior Olympic Nationals in 2016 and all the fun I had with my teammates over the years Favorite Gymnast Laurie Hernandez

Favorite Event: Vault Favorite Skill: Yurchenko 1 1/2 

Favorite Quote for Competition: “Expect Success” Mr. Rich
College Plans: I have been accepted and verbally committed to Rutgers University on a full athletic scholarship.  

Competed in: Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, California.  

Thank You: First I’d like to thank God for giving me the natural talent that has allowed me to achieve my dreams and do this sport. For blessing me with good health and all the opportunities that I have been given. I would like to thank my mom, dad and brother who have sacrificed time and much more in order for me to continue the sport I love. They have helped me through the highs and lows of this sport ever since I was little. I’d also like to thank all of my family for supporting and encouraging me to chase my dreams. Gymnastics would have not been so easy without the constant love and support that I have been provided. Next I’d like to thank Mr. Randy for always sticking by me. Your countless hours, time, energy and patience (most of the time lol) have meant the world to me and didn’t go unnoticed. Mr. Rich and all of the coaching staff you have filled my fifteen years at Berks with discipline, fun and success. You have provided me with wise words of wisdom and occasionally a shoulder to cry on. While gymnastics hasn’t always been easy it has shaped me into the person I am today. I am thankful to have grown up at Berks and I am even more thankful for the family I have gained from Berks.

Words of Wisdom: Gymnastics is not an easy sport. It pushes your limits both mentally and physically. When you are high remember to be humble and when you are low remember to hold your chin up high and believe in yourself. Gymnastics is a quick fall from grace you can be on the top one moment and at the bottom the next. Always be a gracious winner and loser. Encourage girls less talented and learn from girls more talented. Be a kind teammate because you will all share struggles along the way. May God bless all of you in your gymnastic journey!  I love each and every one of you!


Marita Renae Musser 


Parents: Dwayne & Kendra Musser

Siblings: Kaleb, Josiah, Kirsten

Birth Date:

January 29, 2000

School District:

Governor Mifflin


Level 5 (2009):  PA State Championships - 2nd Floor

Level 6 (2010):  PA State Championships Qualifier

Level Prep Optional (2011):  PA State Championships - 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 3rd All Around

Level 7 (2012):  PA State Championships - 6th Beam, 9th All Around

Level 8 (2013):  PA State Championships - 9th Beam, Floor Champion

                              Regional Qualifier

Level 8 (2014):  PA State Championships- Bars Champion, 7th Beam, 8th Floor, 4th All Around

                              Regional Qualifier

Level 9 (2015):  PA State Championships- 3rd Beam, 6th All Around

                              Regional Championships – 5th Floor

Level 9 (2016): PA State Championships - 5th Beam, 6th Floor

                              Regional Qualifier

Level 9 (2017): PA State Championships - 9th Vault, 4th Bars, Beam Champion, 3rd All Around

                              Regional Championships – 4th Bars, 4th Beam, 3rd All Around

                              Eastern National Championships - 8th Floor          

Level 9 (2018): PA State Championships - 1st Vault, 5th Beam, 1st Floor, 2nd All Around

                              Regional Championships -  6th Vault, 7th, Bars, 8th Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd All Around

                              Eastern National Qualifier           


Favorite Gymnastics Memory:

Traveling to Florida for the Sand Dollar Invitational with the ESGA All Star Team

Favorite Gymnast:

Maggie Nichols

Favorite Event:


Favorite Skill:

Healy twirl to straddle back handstand

(Marita accepting the Bob Schultz Memorial Scholarship - 2018)

Favorite Quote for Competition:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.”

  • Henry Ford

College Plans:

I’m planning to major in Business Marketing.  Accepted scholarship to Limestone College.

Competed in:

Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Michigan

Thank You:

No words can fully express the gratitude I feel toward my parents, teammates, and coaches for standing alongside and supporting me throughout my gymnastics journey. During the moments when I felt like giving up, you guys were consistently there to provide the extra ounce of determination I needed to push through. I am also thankful that the Lord has given me a body capable of enduring gymnastics, and for the priceless opportunities I’ve experienced because of this sport.  

Words of Wisdom:

Set goals, learn from your failures, be proud of your accomplishments, and try the scary things. Your body is physically capable of achieving anything you convince your mind of. Make the very most of your short time within the safe walls of Berks Gymnastics -  these years will teach valuable lessons about life and yourself that will carry through to the rest of your life.