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Berks College Scholarships

Since the teams’ inception, over 70 Seniors have received college scholarships totaling over 5.5 million dollars through their training at Berks, one of the accomplishments of which we are most proud. Berks girls have earned scholarships at over 30 universities in the US including: Penn State University, Temple University, the University of Pittsburgh, West Chester University, William and Mary, Louisiana State University, the University of New Mexico, the University of West Virginia, the University of Kentucky, the University of Maryland, the University of Missouri, Towson State University, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan State University, Auburn University, Bowling Green State University, the University of Bridgeport, University of New Hampshire, Ball State, Iowa State, Iowa, Rutgers University, Limestone College and others.

45 years

81 Scholarships

39 Universities

Over 5.7 million in scholarships

Berks Gymnastic Team Scholarship Athletes Graduated from Berks Hometown USA Nationals
Shannon Abel University of Georgia

Downingtown *
Jocelyn Armstrong University of Kentucky
1985 Reading *
Brittany Baldwin University of Pittsburgh
2004 Downingtown * *
Hannah Barile University of New Hampshire Captain 2010 Sinking Spring *
Melissa Bartman University of Bridgeport
2000 New Bernville
Lisa Benn Louisiana State University Captain 1980 Wilmington *
Donna Bervinchak Northeastern University

Mia Betancourt Rutger's University
2018 Reading *
Jamie Bewley Eastern Michigan University
1999 Leesport *
Nicole Blankenhorn James Madison University
2005 Reading
Marcy Blitz University of Pittsburgh
2000 Lancaster *
Tiffany Bollinger Nothern Illinois University Captain 1991 Pottstown *
Amy Bolton University of Iowa
1992 Pottsville * *
Jenna Ciatto West Chester
2006 Muhlenburg
Carolyn Close Ohio State University Captain 1988 Minersville *
Caryn Close Ohio State University
1986 Minersville
Kelly Coleman University of Pittsburgh

Andrea DeFelice University of West Virginia Captain
Paoli *
Rachel Dolbin University of Maryland Captain 1996 Pottsville * *
Jill Eagles Utah State University

Downingtown *
Jodi Emery University of Missouri
1995 Pottsville *
Roxanne Evans University of Pittsburgh
1979 Reading *
Shari Evans Rutgers University
2003 Lititz * * *
Beth Fittery Rutgers University
2003 Denver * * *
Nana Fujita College of William & Mary 
1980 King of Prussia
Jodi Galbraith Temple University

Bailey Gallagher Towson University
2013 Reading *
Erin Gettle Auburn University
2000 Lebanon * * *
Michelle Goodwin University of Florida
1984 Reading *
Andrea Gumert Auburn University
1999 Perkasie *
Jessica Haag University of Missouri Captain 1995 Myerstown *
Bree Hagan Temple University
1995 Reading *
Julia Haines-LaPenta Western Michigan University
2000 Phoenixville
Tasia Halbig Rutgers University
2011 Schwenksville *
Dana Herr Michigan State University
2000 Phoenixville * *
Kim Hillner University of Florida
1983 Morristown, NJ *
Karol Hollenbach Temple University
1980 Philadelphia *
Audrey Hughes University of New Mexico
1981 Wilmington *
Heather Kirk University of Kentucky Captain
Joell Koller University of Bridgeport
2003 Reading
Mindy Kurzinsky Temple University Captain
West Chester *
Colleen Lafferty University of Kentucky Captain 1982 Wilmington
Lori Lebo Northern Illinois University Captain
Madeline Macdonald Ball State University
2016 Oley Valley H.S. *
Crista Massaro Temple University
1995 Exeter
Victoria McGuigan-Carl University of Pittsburgh
2005 Exeter *
Christine McNeill Temple University
2004 Exeter *
Breanne Metzger Bowling Green
2000 Leighton * * * *
Alexis Moran University of Maryland
1994 Minersville *
Jodi Morgan University of Maryland
1997 Lancaster * *
Marita Musser Limestone College
2018 Mohnton **
Jessica Nonnemacher University of West Virginia Captain 1995 Reading *
Donna Pantoni Temple University

Wilmington *
Jessica Perdoch Eastern Michigan University
2007 Exeter
Karen Pollack Pennsylvania State University
1980 Coatsville *
Laura Ransing Western Michigan University
2000 Glenmore *
Jessica Reinhart Temple University
1991 Reading
Rosyln Singleton University of Pittsburgh
2002 Lancaster *
Danis Sill University of West Virginia Captain 1980 Neshaminy
Chris Skimski University of Pittsburgh
1985 Reading *
Terry Specht Northern Illinois University

Sophia Steinmeyer Iowa State
2017 Reading *
Brenda Stevens University of Pittsburgh Captain 1992 Pottstown *
Kate Stopper Pennsylvania State University
2001 Rheinholds * *
Christine Stout Indiana University of Pennsylvania
1996 Reading
Crystal Tarczynski Rutgers University
1985 Reading
Jayme Tarczynski University of Kentucky
1981 Reading
Lauren Urbaniak University of Maryland
1994 Pottstown ``
Erin Vanselous University of Ursinus
2003 Reading
Cheryl Weatherstone University of Utah Captain 1983 Darian, Conn *
Kiva Williamson Temple University
1998 Manheim
Kortny Williamson University of Iowa
2002 Manheim * * * *