Berks Gymnastics has enjoyed it's current location for over 25 years.  We have state of the art equipment that is constantly updated for the safety of all of our athletes.  We utilize the latest in teaching/safety equipment including in ground and above ground pits, overhead spotting rigs, bungee rigs, and the most up to date matting.

Our equipment is competition approved by the standards of USA Gymnastics and the Federation of International Gymnastics.  We keep our equipment "competition ready" for the safety of our gymnasts.

Our 10,000 square foot, fully air conditioned facility, has a dedicated preschool area with equipment sized for the younger gymnast.   

We have a full size dance studio that also doubles as a meeting and party room. 

An observation area is provided for the viewing of your child's class activities in a comfortable setting. 

Come visit us and see the largest gymnastic facility in Berks County.